Project planning best practices

The key stage from which a project begins is planning. It is almost impossible to imagine a case that does not obey the PDCA cycle defined by Deming and Shewhart.

Any modern management platform should have planning tools. The convenience and scope of such tools vary significantly from system to system. We will focus on two key points that should be in every system.

Data integration

The information is a true value only when you can use it. Milestones management should allow you to make links among data elements. The presence of such links allows you to use information as efficiently as it is possible. An example of such use can be the documents list preparation which is needed for a milestone finalization. Specifically, it can be used in clinical trials as a part of documents verification process prior to a drug shipment (green light procedure).

Data visualization

There is no need to explain that the perception of data depends on the format of its presentation. The use of Gantt charts is a gold standard in project plans visualisation. Most office software packages and specialized software have tools to create such diagrams.

When choosing a system for project management in R&D you need to focus not only on the cost of the solution, but also on its functionality.

The Chronicles CTMS system offers excellent tools for project planning including business logic adaptation based on solution functionality. If you want to get familiar with our product and its features send us an email or leave a request on the website.