1.8. Logistics, diagrams, integration

We are glad to inform you about the new version of CTMS with logistics operations, data import and export, charts and other features.

Logistics management
  • Materials accountability. That increases efficiency of management by monitoring and accounting of materials, medicines, equipment when purchased, decommissioned or shipped.
  • Shipments among projects, organizations and study sites allow to track materials, timely decommission expired ones and monitor the need of stock resupply.
  • Logistics reports allow to quickly receive information regarding organizations, projects and global depot on a current stock of materials and their expiration or calibration dates.
  • Data import from external systems. Chronicles CTMS has implemented receipt and periodic synchronization of data from a third party EDC system.
  • Excel format data export. Users could export table data including reports in a widely used format for further processing outside of the system.
  • Data copying including projects with their milestones allows to significantly shorten time for creation of similar data elements. That could be used in different scenarios with different elements such as similar issues or repeating events, etc.
  • Reports with diagrams and table data make information easy to read.
  • System reports for administrators and directors inform about security events and users actions.
  • Revised interface made the system more usable. Main navigation links were changed with simple icons. The company has also implemented some interface requests from the clients.

As usual we provide free 1 month demo access to the system, instructions and validation documentation. Please contact us using the form below or write us an email and we will answer you soon.