Fitur Chronicles CTMS 1.10 untuk kerja remote yang efisien

Using Chronicles CTMS it becomes more convenient to monitor the progress and quality of projects from any place and at any time!

In the new version you will be able to:

Import your data from other systems

A mechanism for CSV import allows us to automate your data migration including:

  • users,
  • projects,
  • milestones and tasks,
  • projects assignments,
  • task fields and properties (e.g., priorities, dependencies, etc.),
  • and other data (by request).
Familiarize personnel with documentation
  • Assign groups and users for familiarization tasks.
  • Users receive notifications with familiarization due date.
  • Familiarization tasks are synchronized with group composition.
  • Familiarization requires electronic signature.
  • Users are requested to provide explanation when tasks are overdue.
Assess interface and functionality improvements
  • Privacy-visibility control for data elements has been added.
  • User and system comments are redesigned in tabs.
  • Feedback and recommendations of our customers have been taken into account.

All the features will be available to our customers as a part of our free updates. New customers can have one month demo access as well as instructions, training materials and validation documentation.

Send us email, call or send us a request using the form below and we will contact you soon!